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    2016 CABEX Expo @ Moscow

    We have participated in the 2016 CABEX Expo in Moscow. We shared a booth with our power cable equipment manufacturer partner Hefei Hening. 

    Cabex is the most effective trade fair in Russia for the leading cable manufacturers and suppliers to promote their products in a prospective Russian market. Cabex is full of opportunities for exhibitors to do business in Russia.

    The exhibition sections:

    • Cables and wires
    • Cable support systems, fittings, tools
    • Electrical goods
    • Cable pulling and recycling equipment

    Exhibitors — leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of cables, wires, accessories, electrical goods, cable pulling and recycling equipment.

    Visitors are experts making decisions on procurements of cables and wires products of the power industry, telecommunications, electrical engineering, mining, oil and gas, and construction organizations.

    More information about the exhibition >>

    Cabex 2015 facts and figures

    Number of exhibitors 124 from 12 countries
    Number of visitors 4 207 experts from 66 regions of Russia and 26 countries
    Exhibition  area 5 000 sq. m.
    Ключевые слова
    Линия окраски волокна, модульная линия, линия SZ скрутик, линия оболочки, экструдер, отдающее устройств, приемное устройство, линия перемотки кабеля, медная волочильная машина, алюминиевая волочильная машина
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