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    Машина спирального армирования

    Their are two type of machine: integral & separate. 

    In the integral machine, the steei wire flatenning and strip armoring are process simultaneously. In the separate machine, the steel wire flattening and strip armoring are processed in two different machine. 

    Steel wire helical taping unit

    This unit is installed in safety cover box. There are transmission system, speed adjusting system and forming tools installed. The pay-off of flattened steel tape and armoring head are driven by two individual 5.5kw AC servo motor and synchronized by PLC. When producing different size of spiral hose, no need of changing transmission belt pulleys are required. User can just change the setting through the touch screen. (while the old type armoring machine you have to change transmission pulleys very time change to a new spiral hose size.). For producing different spiral hoses need to change different tools. Each set of tools is 140 USD. (Two set of tools are already included in the quoted price for machine)

    Max. speed of helical taping head                                           1800rpm




    Ключевые слова
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